Berroo 15 monthsAmber Room Baya Nobles

Date of birth: 29th April 2019
Berroo is Daddy's girl both with build and character. An absolute darling and pet. A happy and tactile creature always wagging her long tail. She has no problem with strangers or unfamiliar environmemt. She is sweety cheeky and intelligent, always interested in everything that moves.




Valentina 3 yearsCZ JCh. My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel

Date of birth: 16th June 2017
Height: 46,5 cm
Weight: 12 kg
stud girl, mother of litter "A"

Valentina, my blondie I had dreamed of, with the devil inside. She is the complete opposite of Karlyn. She is everywhere,  fearless and keeps trying to push her (and our) limits.


Karlyn1Karlyn La Grange Toomie Trishel

Date of birth: 29th March 2016    Date of  death: 7th March 2020
Height: 49,5 cm
Weight: 13,5 kg
stud girl, mother of litter "B"

Karlyn is my darling. Female with an elegant, peaceful, distinguished and balanced character. She has participated in contests from early age , and I can say she has enjoyed that a lot. She is an unbelievable eater, loves to cuddle and she is the peacemaker among dogs in the pack.



AngelikaAngelika Lukris

Date of birth: 3rd June 2015
Height: 42,5
Weight: 9 kg

She is our first female whippet. She was supposed to be the mother of our kennel. The destiny decided in a different way. She was born to run as fast as lightning and unfortunately  had an accident. After the crash with another dog she had  cervical spine injury and  bleeding to brain and the permanent consequences were made.





Kaya 8.týdenBelong Karlyn Heart Baya Nobles 

Date of birth 7.3.2020
Height : 
male - puppy

Kaya, my little boy Karlyn came back to. He is really a copy of her.Not visually but in character. An incredible eater and darling, I am very happy with him.





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