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26th and 27th October 2019

Initially I did not want to participate in this competition. I do not like international shows at all. I do not even know why I finally decided to go. Both days whippets were judged by foreign judges, one of them was from Finland and the other judge was apparently a whippet breeder and expert from Australia. Anyways I felt in my bones we would be second. And this was the ease! It might be the problem. I must change  my approach and leave for every show with a winning attitude. I cannot let any negative thought come into my mind!

On Saturday Bratislava woke up with a sunny weather, show was speedy and considering Valentina's second place we did not wait for final competition and better left for a city tour.

Sunday was approached in the same spirit but the result was a bit worse. Immediately after assessment we made our luggage and went home.



JCH My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel

Saturday:  judge Cameron-Codognotto Susan (AU), open class, Exc.2 /6, Res.CAC

Sunday:  judge Ahlman-Stockmari Tanya (FI), open class, Exc.3 /4

                                                       IDS Bratislava 2019


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Archeopark Chotěbuz Podobora

24th October 2019

I am a great patriot and I love my little country. And also love the place where I live. The Beskydy mountains. When searching for our history of our region I touched on an interesting article in a journal of national history called Tešínsko. The name of the article was "Discovery of a greyhound in Chotěbuz-Podobora Hillfort" and it sounded incredible to me! As a lover of greyhound, my heart rejoiced and I started reading immediately.


pic.. No. 1                

The author of the article is RNDr. Miriam Nývltová Fišáková, PhD. from the Archeologie Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno which took part in research of this discovery. I contacted back the Doctor Miriam Nývltová Fišáková got some further information in order to recount you the story of the dog bone.

Everything started back in 2005 when exploring the fortified settlement. With different archeological finds, they also found rests of animals from several periods of this area settlement. From the Hallstatt Period-a late Bronze Age, the beginning of Iron Age and especially from the period of an important settlement of pre-Great Moravian Empire. This is the second half of the  8th and second third of the 9th century. And this is an approximate period where the dog bone discovery comes from and which caused a huge research. The research that took ten more years and had a great impact on history of dogs.  


It has been a tradition for a while that the last summer weekend we stay at Konopiště, the popular place of the Whippet Club of English Racing Dogs Club Shows. This year was a record concerning registered number of breeders. All the more I appreciate the results my whippet girls achieved.  The show was also special to me as there were shown two of the litter "A" pupies. Everything was perfectly organised, the winners were hung with handmade ribbons and obtained some gifts from patrons that were really generous this year. The invitation was accepted by two whippet experts from the country of their origin, The Great Britain. The honourable judges Sandra Marshall and Jennifer North-Row. I was honoured to be evaluated by them with a excellent mark.

global results of both days: here



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Saturday 21st September - Club Show conferring CAC and title "Club Winner"

۝ ۝ ۝

The Saturday morning welcomed us with quite low temperatures, but the sky was bright and sunny. Finally the Sun reheated us during the day. I was also reheated when opening the Show Catalogue with 131 whippets signed and 11 greyhounds. It was  record number. As usual, the most members were in our class. Even the puppy class, where Berroo and Olin were showing, was literally packed.

The open class had 20 signed bitches. When I realised I had to share my Valentina with 19 other bitches, first thing that came on my mind was to leave as soon as possible with no results. When I see the thing with hindsight, I realise how successful we really were. The "cursed" second place was again ours. The little Berroo in the female puppy class had a competition of 6 other females and the fact that she showed in an exhibition circle for the first time, did not steal any of her charm. The little Olin was showing with 5 other dogs and he was so stressed that when judging on the table, one of his testicles disappeared and it gave him worse mark and placing. He was amazing anyway.

The summary of results - day one:


ꙮ CZ JCH My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel

judge Sandra Marshall (UK), open class: EXC.2 /20, Res.CAC, nominated for the best head and movement in breed

 71187684 609438399589652 7837734554017202176 n     70344966 770416856746585 2603988656670638080 n     70443358 453006928755642 99676540148645888 n


ꙮ Amber Room Baya Nobles

judge Jennifer North-Row (UK), baby class: VP /7, nominated for the best head and movement in breed, great rating

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 Aureolin Hue Baya Nobles

judge Jennifer North-Row (UK), baby class: P4 /6, nominated for the best head and movement in breed, very nice rating

 sobota 21.9.19



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Sunday 22.nd September - Club Show conferring CAC

۝ ۝ ۝

Sunday weather copied the day before. We were welcomed by a beautiful chilly morning of the last summer day. As well as the number of signed dogs, which was 133 whippets and 10 greyhounds, copied the precedent day. The difference was in judges who exchanged. Valentina was judged by judge who judges Berroo and Olin the day before and vice versa. Again we repeated the precedent success and Valentina in very occupied open class, advanced to the final of 6 excellent females. This time without placement. I consider it a success in view of qualities of the shown females that were coming not only from the Czech Republic.

Litlle Berro lined up in the baby class with a professional expression that charmed the judge. She granted her the mark Very Promising and the second place including another nomination for the best head and movement in breed. Olin was more sure of himself as well and it projected on his rating. He also received the mark Very Promising and the third place. I was very proud of him.

Summary of results - day two:



ꙮ CZ JCH My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel

judge Jennifer North-Row (UK), open class: EXC. /14, nominated for the best head and movement in breed, beautiful rating

70960498 447031629253550 7024462000935665664 n    71382995 2746953708656859 3058636139230396416 n


ꙮ Amber Room Baya Nobles

judge Sandra Marshall (UK), baby class: VP2 /6, nominated for the best head and movement in breed, very nice rating

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 Aureolin Hue Baya Nobles

judge Sandra Marshall (UK), baby class: VP3 /5, nominated for the best head and movement in breed, very nice rating

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Altough it does not look like that, a whippet is a real hunting dog. I decided with my girls to head to Rybnik in Poland to the Hunting Dogs National Show. We were welcomed by a pleasant environment and nicely organised show accompanied by a beautiful weather- real Indian Summer.

Finally we broke our curse of second place and Valentina won her class and took part in the best member in show facing the winning dog, junior and best veteran. We were beaten by the male dog and Valentina only won the title BOS (Best of Opposite Sex), but considering the qualities of the winning dog, which we could discuss for hours, I am totally satisfied as I know that Valentina was the best whippet at this show. It happens that the show is not gained by the dog, but by the one who holds the leash. This is the reality of dogs shows ... I was not familiar with the judge.

Anyway by gaining the title CWC/CAC we started the run after Polish Beauty Champion. That is why it was not the last Polish exhibition and we cannot wait to participate in the next ones!

We also took our little Berroo with us to soak the show atmosphere and she was very slick. During a break I put on her the show leash and tried to show her around the exhibition circle. She was so impressed that she even forgot to misbehave and ran neatly by me. Her stand was not as good, but she will definitely get better. She is incredible!


NDS Rybnik  70602210 895287700828924 2373297579426316288 n  70190999 2427751317445475 6999577428574076928 n    



70410149 393851531326166 6253709456580804608 n

Hunting-dogs National Show

15.9.2019 - Rybnik, PL

judge: Leszek Salamon /PL


My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel, open class EXC. 1 /2, CWC/CAC, BOS 


                  BOB           BOJ     BOS              BOV




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7th September 2019

A beautiful environment of the Flora Exhibition Space in Olomouc became a venue of the Whippet Club Show the first September Saturday which was organised by Whippet Club by NDS Floracanis Olomouc.

Unfortunately the rainy weather spoiled usually amazing cynological experience which have been taking place for the second time in gardens of exhibitions in Olomouc. Apart from the dog show, there is also an interesting prorgam for families with children.

This Show was anyhow the premiere for our little Berroo and especially for Valentina which showed publicly for the first time after her birth. Berroo did not exhibit this time but I took her to soak the show atmosphere and I have to state that she really mastered the situation perfectly. Valentina showed herself in a great way, but it was enough only for that cursed second place.      



DSC 0377

DSC 0393




My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel


 judge: Polgar Andráš /SRB

                          třída otevřená,  V2 /6, Res.CAC








14th September 2019 - Our boy already has a new loving forever home!


Noví majitelé Mirďa



31st August 2019- We are looking for a new home for our bluefawn boy

Aquamarine Lagoon Baya Nobles - Mirďa

whom I pulled back from new owners because of  unsolvable family situation. He is just 4 months old and he is healthy, smart, obedient and clean dog. He has both testicles, is fully vaccinated, chipped and has an Euro Passport. Exhibitions and sports are not a requirement, olny loving forever home.

In case of serious interest do not hesitate to contact me.                       pedigree: here 


Mirďa 4 měsíce      Mirďa 4 měsíce 2



 14th August 2019 - Our former charges have been gone for more than a month and lived in their new homes. I am in touch with new owners and this way keep track of our babies, we learn how they grow and what they have learnt so far. It is very important to me as a breeder to have a feedback and to know that the pupies prosper, they are well and do not languish. I am so happy to have chosen these owners as all of them take great care of the puppies. And in case they need an advice or help, they never hesitate to contact me and ask. It is a real honour to me. We are just one big whippet family.

I am get loads of pictures ...


       Bastík 3 měsíce     Bastík 3 měsíce 2     Bastík 3 měsíce 3     Bastík 3 měsíce 4

Bastík - He got the name Barney at his new home and he grows into a beautiful robust dog. He likes eating and according to his owners he is quite fussy about food. It is a good boy who does not mind travelling by car at all. He enjoy the trips.




1st August 2019 - Berroo is almost 14 weeks and we have just started her preparation for a competition career.

The beginnings are a bit clumsy, a leash does not linger on her neck but goes to her little mouth. To walk by my side ... "are you sure mistress... I need to jump and fool around but do not let me stand and show myself, this is too much for me!" The only thing that does not make her troubles is to lie into an exhibition cage and just to be lying. Anyway we have enough time to revise and I am sure that Berroo will master everything perfectly as her parents did. Talking about parents, Valentina is also ready for a show season and she looks stunning just three months after the birth. Motherhood did her good!


Berroo 14 týden    Berroo 14 týden 2                                     Valentina 3 měsíce po porodu

                          ... Berroo and her exhibition beginnings                                                                          ... mother Valentina 3 months after birth




Berroo 12 týdnů

Amber Room Baya Nobles - 12 weeks

22nd July 2019

The decision is made! A female dog of the litter "A" Amber Room is definitely the part of our pack. She stays with us and we hope that in the future thanks to her greatbackground she will conduce to other beautiful litters in our whippet kennel.

We call her "Berroo" which is a compound name of her official name Amber Room. She is in 12 weeks in the picture and she looks fabulous. I am looking forward to her growing and we already start to train to keep her on an exhibition leash. Not to use her show potential would be a sin! She inherited after her father the colour and also a nice fore chest, great angulation and a soft expression. I am keen on her!

 ֍ ֍ ֍




14th July 2019 - All puppies are already at their new homes.

Let us wish them loads of happiness and fun!


první noc v novém

Sleeping in our beds at our new homes.


pisture: upper - Bastík, Fló, Olin     lower - Líza, Mal, Mirďa   and in the middle our Berroo, who stays with us.



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