14th July 2019 - All puppies are already at their new homes.

Let us wish them loads of happiness and fun!


první noc v novém

Sleeping in our beds at our new homes.


pisture: upper - Bastík, Fló, Olin     lower - Líza, Mal, Mirďa   and in the middle our Berroo, who stays with us.




Bastík already has his new loving family!


After reservation cancellation, there is still an available dog - boy "Bastík" - Alabaster Statue Baya Nobles, ready to be taken immediately

25th June 2019 - more information in the section "Puppies". Shows or sport activites are not necessary. We prefer loving active owners, preferably wit a dog friend. We propose an interesting price!


DSC 1946




To take a group picture is more and more difficult now! The Puppies at the age of seven weeks are like a sack full of fleas. Our garden swing was something new to them so we were able to sit a bit.

from left to right: Líza, Berooška, Mirďa, Mal, Fló, Olin, Bastík

společná 7 týdnů



15th June 2019 - The seventh week is approaching. Most of day we spent outside and as the weather is hot, little naps after playing are important. We are such clever and sweet puppies.

from left to right: blue fawn Bastík, Mirďa, Fló, Líza a Olin and above them  "daddy's girls" Mal a Berooška.


7 týdnů






Focení 4. týdny

First Posing.


29th May 2019 - "Strawberry Party" at the age of 4 weeks.

It was such fun. We enjoyed the shooting a lot. I took about a thousand of pictures and you can judge the result in the section "Puppies".

The babies are models for exhibition shows. Time will show of them we will meet there.

I can not wait.





zahrada společná 4.týdny 2

  27th May 2019 - The puppies are 4 weeks old           on the picture from left: Líza, Fló, Bastík, Mirďa, Beruška, Mal and Olin.

more information in the section "Puppies"




22nd May 2019 - There are still two vacant dogs


If you are interested to have one, do not hesitate to contact me!

New masters are searched by  "Bastík" - Alabaster Staue Baya Nobles, a very kind and contact doggie with a beautiful head and strong body structure. He was born as the first one and with the biggest birth weight. He creates conditions for an exhibition career. In his three weeks he is able to stand firmly on his four legs and crosses eassily his bed.


The other boy "Mirďa" - Aquamarine Lagoon Baya Nobles is looking for the most awesome masters. He is a very sensible and caressing doggie that has been since his birth "the individualist". He was born as the fifth puppy and with the smallest birth weight. He is still the smallest from all the boys, but gains his weight perfectly. He will be a great fellow for sport activites. He also stands on his four legs and actively runs around the bed.

More information in the section "Puppies"


Something funny: This is what it looks like, when you have puppies at home!


hračky               plínky



THE PUPPIES WERE BORN -  more info about litter in the section  "Puppies"

We are here! 29th April 2019 during night hours Valentina gave birth to the 7 gnomes. In the beginning they did not feel like coming. The bitch started to have birth pangs on Sunday before midnight. She was keeping me under expectation whole Monday, only at 9 pm we could see the first puppy coming out.

It was a boy as fit as a fiddle. The blue fawn puppy marked with a green ribbon and weighed 391 g. He made a way for the others and it went very quickly then. In five minutes another blue fawn boy (marked yellow) came out. Weighed 331 g. In following five minutes (yes, I was busy) the first girl appeared, also blue fawn with weight 341 g (marked orange). In next 10 minutes a beautiful red fawn girl came out with weight 305 g (marked red) That looks exactly like her dad Morris. We waited for the next puppy 25 minutes and finally it was the smallest puppy in this litter that was born. It was a blue fawn boy with 268 g (marked pink). Then there was an hour break during which Valentina took a walk in the garden to relax herself and then she gave a birth to the third girl (marked dark blue), she was also blue fawn with a beautiful head and weighed 332 g. The last girl was red fawn too, a bit darker than the other one with a striking black mask and weight  321 g (marked light blue).

All puppies started sucking immediately and it will be in following weeks the only program they will have - sucking and sleeping. It was an incredible experience and I am  grateful to the Mother Nature for this opportunity to assist at the birth of these beautiful creatures as the whippets are.

Our first whippet litter according to the ČMKU rules (Czech and Moravian Cynological Union) will start with letter "A". The color shades starting with letter "a" will connect the litter by a theme.


Vrh A 29.4.2019



We expect puppies to be born in our kennel !!!

 more info: "Puppies"


USG Valča 2019

The 25th March 2019 - the ultrasound picture confirming Valentina's pregnancy.

According to the doctor there are at least 7 embryos of 12 mm which correspond to 26 days of pregnancy. The number of embryos can vary because they cover one other and to count them properly would demand more time and patience. I didn't want to stress Valentina with a long examination so the information is sufficient for us for now.

The due date is the 1st May 2019.

Finger crossed so that everything goes fine!  







DSC 0977


Very pleasant VIII. Winter National Dog Show at our northern neighbours opened our chase for the title Polish champion. To become the Champion , the dog must be awarded CWC (which is CAC) three times and at least one CWC must be achieved at International Show.

We lost our first CWC in the intermediate class this time. Among seven beautiful and  quite esembling females, Valentine received a silver medal, which is the second place.

ExpoSilesia VIII. Winter National Dog Show Sosnowiec - 26th January 2016

judge: Anna Róźniatowska /PL

MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel intermed.class Exc.2 /7




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