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Yearly organized two-day club show "Beauty and Performance" was accompanied by the sunny weather and a friendly atmosphere this year. This time we only took part on Saturday exhibitions, but Sunday´s coursing was also included. During the Saturday Valentine also celebrated her first Birthday. 

Both of my whippets have entered the most occupied classes, one in the junior class and the other one in the open class. They haven´t ended up so badly in such a great competition though.  The invitation for the contest was accepted by Mr. judge Kurt Summer from Austria. I don´t have a good feeling about his judging at all, just because all his opinions were almost everytime the same.


KV Kolesa 2018 Valentina1


Club Show "Beauty and Performance" Kolesa 16.6.2018

judge: Kurt Summer /AT                 results: here


MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel, junior class EXC.4 /7

KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel, open class EXC. /9




KV Kelč 2018 Valča1                 KV Kelč 2018 Valča              

It was The First of May, it was time of love. There was beautiful weather in the nice little town Kelč near Hranice na Moravě and The Club Show of the Whippet Club CZ. The club show was held at the Regional Dog Show of Local Cynology Organization, was very well organized and with the participation of foreign judges.

The majority of us has small or big reservations how the judges work at the competitions. I have to say, I was very surprised this time. There was invited Mrs. Diane Stewart-Ritchie from Ireland (Dwendariff Kennel) at the whippet show. A very pleasant lady, judge, who really cared to choose the best of shown dogs. At the end of the competition she spoke to all attendees about the qualities and faults of the dogs she saw and then she said, that she was pleasantly surprised. Mrs. judge underlined, that she preferred mainly individuals with a compact S-line, with a spacious deep chest and presented in an excellent form.

I´m more pleased, that she liked both of my whippet girls, and that they got a beatiful placement. Mrs. judge liked my young Valentina the most. She was the youngest from nine junior bitches (only 10,5 months old!!!) and she won in junior class. I´m so proud of her!


KV Kelč 2018 Valča2               Club Show Whippet Klub 

          1.5.2018 / judge: Diane Stewart-Ritchie /IRL



           MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel junior class EXC.1 /9, CAJC (10,5 months old!!!)                    

            KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel open class EXC. /8


         results: výsledky KV Kelč 1.5.2018                                                                            



KV Kelč 2018 Karča       KV Kelč 2018 Karča1       KV Kelč 2018 Karča2




 Krajská výstava Vyškov1 2018        Krajská výstava Vyškov 2018         Kraj.výstva Vyškov

Regional Dog Show Vyškov of this year, has taken place in the beautiful garden of the Austerlitz Palace in Slavkov u Brna. The weather was great, perhaps the sun was shining too much, but it made really beautiful atmosphere.  There was prepared plenty of refreshment for all exhibitioners and everybody from baby and puppy class, who didn´t win, got a small rosette too, which was just a little gift for them. And how did we ended up?

     judge: Olga Dolejší /CZ                               judge final competitions: Tibor Havelka /SK                                             overall results: here


MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel, junior class EXC.2

KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel, open class EXC.1, Class winner, Regional winner, The Best of FCI X. -2nd place



NVP Ostrava Karča          National Dog Show OstravaNVP Ostrava Valča

          8.4.2018 / judge: Antonín Mudra/CZ


              KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel

                          - open class, EXC.2/5

            MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel

                          - junior class, EXC.3/4   

                       results: NVP Ostrava 2018 




Club Show "The Day of Young and Veteran" in Prague. This is a show of newly born puppies in the previous year. The two whippet judges-breeders will independently evaluate the presented puppies and then they will place them on the obtained points.   Results:  povýstavní katalog

This year we went to show our young Valentina. In total, six out of eight Toomie Trishel kennel siblings met at show and our Valentina got the most points from litter "M". I am proud of her. Overall, she was ranked 2nd in a total of eight  females at the age of 6. - 9. months.


Den mladých

                                (foto: Hana Harag)                   six out of eight from litter "M" Toomie Trishel kennel - Club Show 


NVP Brno 14.1.2018National Dog Show

Brno 14.1.2018

judge: J. Matyáš/SK

My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel - puppy class: VP2

Karlyn La Grange Toomie Trishel - open class: EXC.2, Res.CAC

                                                                                                                    results: výsledky whippet 14.1.2018




The worst feel of helplessness is, when one of your loved ones gets hurt and you can not help him. Just the injury of my first whippet led me to the Dorna´s rehabilitation method. This method put her back on her legs after a severe jerk injury.

I graduated successfully at the end of 2017 under the direction of Andrea Dunová.



Dornova metoda              kurz Dornova metoda2



Certifikát CHS     


                               Finally at Home!


From 2018 a new chapter of my cynology activities will be written.

I will become a breeder. 







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