14th August 2019 - Our former charges have been gone for more than a month and lived in their new homes. I am in touch with new owners and this way keep track of our babies, we learn how they grow and what they have learnt so far. It is very important to me as a breeder to have a feedback and to know that the pupies prosper, they are well and do not languish. I am so happy to have chosen these owners as all of them take great care of the puppies. And in case they need an advice or help, they never hesitate to contact me and ask. It is a real honour to me. We are just one big whippet family.

I am get loads of pictures ...


       Bastík 3 měsíce     Bastík 3 měsíce 2     Bastík 3 měsíce 3     Bastík 3 měsíce 4

Bastík - He got the name Barney at his new home and he grows into a beautiful robust dog. He likes eating and according to his owners he is quite fussy about food. It is a good boy who does not mind travelling by car at all. He enjoy the trips.




1st August 2019 - Berroo is almost 14 weeks and we have just started her preparation for a competition career.

The beginnings are a bit clumsy, a leash does not linger on her neck but goes to her little mouth. To walk by my side ... "are you sure mistress... I need to jump and fool around but do not let me stand and show myself, this is too much for me!" The only thing that does not make her troubles is to lie into an exhibition cage and just to be lying. Anyway we have enough time to revise and I am sure that Berroo will master everything perfectly as her parents did. Talking about parents, Valentina is also ready for a show season and she looks stunning just three months after the birth. Motherhood did her good!


Berroo 14 týden    Berroo 14 týden 2                                     Valentina 3 měsíce po porodu

                          ... Berroo and her exhibition beginnings                                                                          ... mother Valentina 3 months after birth




Berroo 12 týdnů

Amber Room Baya Nobles - 12 weeks

22nd July 2019

The decision is made! A female dog of the litter "A" Amber Room is definitely the part of our pack. She stays with us and we hope that in the future thanks to her greatbackground she will conduce to other beautiful litters in our whippet kennel.

We call her "Berroo" which is a compound name of her official name Amber Room. She is in 12 weeks in the picture and she looks fabulous. I am looking forward to her growing and we already start to train to keep her on an exhibition leash. Not to use her show potential would be a sin! She inherited after her father the colour and also a nice fore chest, great angulation and a soft expression. I am keen on her!

 ֍ ֍ ֍




14th July 2019 - All puppies are already at their new homes.

Let us wish them loads of happiness and fun!


první noc v novém

Sleeping in our beds at our new homes.


pisture: upper - Bastík, Fló, Olin     lower - Líza, Mal, Mirďa   and in the middle our Berroo, who stays with us.




Bastík already has his new loving family!


After reservation cancellation, there is still an available dog - boy "Bastík" - Alabaster Statue Baya Nobles, ready to be taken immediately

25th June 2019 - more information in the section "Puppies". Shows or sport activites are not necessary. We prefer loving active owners, preferably wit a dog friend. We propose an interesting price!


DSC 1946




To take a group picture is more and more difficult now! The Puppies at the age of seven weeks are like a sack full of fleas. Our garden swing was something new to them so we were able to sit a bit.

from left to right: Líza, Berooška, Mirďa, Mal, Fló, Olin, Bastík

společná 7 týdnů



15th June 2019 - The seventh week is approaching. Most of day we spent outside and as the weather is hot, little naps after playing are important. We are such clever and sweet puppies.

from left to right: blue fawn Bastík, Mirďa, Fló, Líza a Olin and above them  "daddy's girls" Mal a Berooška.


7 týdnů






Focení 4. týdny

First Posing.


29th May 2019 - "Strawberry Party" at the age of 4 weeks.

It was such fun. We enjoyed the shooting a lot. I took about a thousand of pictures and you can judge the result in the section "Puppies".

The babies are models for exhibition shows. Time will show of them we will meet there.

I can not wait.





zahrada společná 4.týdny 2

  27th May 2019 - The puppies are 4 weeks old           on the picture from left: Líza, Fló, Bastík, Mirďa, Beruška, Mal and Olin.

more information in the section "Puppies"




22nd May 2019 - There are still two vacant dogs


If you are interested to have one, do not hesitate to contact me!

New masters are searched by  "Bastík" - Alabaster Staue Baya Nobles, a very kind and contact doggie with a beautiful head and strong body structure. He was born as the first one and with the biggest birth weight. He creates conditions for an exhibition career. In his three weeks he is able to stand firmly on his four legs and crosses eassily his bed.


The other boy "Mirďa" - Aquamarine Lagoon Baya Nobles is looking for the most awesome masters. He is a very sensible and caressing doggie that has been since his birth "the individualist". He was born as the fifth puppy and with the smallest birth weight. He is still the smallest from all the boys, but gains his weight perfectly. He will be a great fellow for sport activites. He also stands on his four legs and actively runs around the bed.

More information in the section "Puppies"


Something funny: This is what it looks like, when you have puppies at home!


hračky               plínky



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