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7th September 2019

A beautiful environment of the Flora Exhibition Space in Olomouc became a venue of the Whippet Club Show the first September Saturday which was organised by Whippet Club by NDS Floracanis Olomouc.

Unfortunately the rainy weather spoiled usually amazing cynological experience which have been taking place for the second time in gardens of exhibitions in Olomouc. Apart from the dog show, there is also an interesting prorgam for families with children.

This Show was anyhow the premiere for our little Berroo and especially for Valentina which showed publicly for the first time after her birth. Berroo did not exhibit this time but I took her to soak the show atmosphere and I have to state that she really mastered the situation perfectly. Valentina showed herself in a great way, but it was enough only for that cursed second place.      



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My Crazy Valentine Toomie Trishel


 judge: Polgar Andráš /SRB

                          třída otevřená,  V2 /6, Res.CAC







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