14th August 2019 - Our former charges have been gone for more than a month and lived in their new homes. I am in touch with new owners and this way keep track of our babies, we learn how they grow and what they have learnt so far. It is very important to me as a breeder to have a feedback and to know that the pupies prosper, they are well and do not languish. I am so happy to have chosen these owners as all of them take great care of the puppies. And in case they need an advice or help, they never hesitate to contact me and ask. It is a real honour to me. We are just one big whippet family.

I am get loads of pictures ...


       Bastík 3 měsíce     Bastík 3 měsíce 2     Bastík 3 měsíce 3     Bastík 3 měsíce 4

Bastík - He got the name Barney at his new home and he grows into a beautiful robust dog. He likes eating and according to his owners he is quite fussy about food. It is a good boy who does not mind travelling by car at all. He enjoy the trips.




                             Olin 3 měsíce      Olin 3 měsíce 2       Olin 3 měsíce 3

Olin - As I have already mentioned Olin, newly named Arišek, lives nearby so we have already took a walk together and i have to admin that he is wonderful. He lives in a busy city and he does not mind hustle and meeting new people and bigger dogs. He makes friends easily. He masters perfectly calling and he is able to stand still and show himself. I can not wait to see him at the show where they are subscribed both Olin and Berroo.



                            Fló 3 měsíce        Fló 3 měsíce 2        Fló v novém domově 3

Fló - The only puppy that left for a foreign country. Flo become Jessica and she is very lively. She is the only one fond of water and according to her owner she is able to take bath even in a bowl of water. She teases her whippet friend all the time and she is intelligent, kind and clean. She is quite chubby as her owner cooks her all the goodies.



                                      Mirďa 3 měsíce 2     Mirďa 3 měsíce 3      Mirďa 3 měsíce

Mirďa - Became Rio. As his owner told me he is fast, brave and intelligent. He loves spending time in the woods where they spent a lot of time walking. As the others puppies he is  very kind, clever and he grows to beauty. They work hard on calling and holding over and everything is getting better.



                                   Líza 3 měsíce   Líza 3 měsíce 3   Líza 3 měsíce 2

Líza - Our countess that bears a new name Lyra has a little friend who is a one year old owner's daughter. They run around and steal each other's toys. When the baby girl eats and something falls off the table, Lyra is close to perfectly tidy it away. She must lie on something soft as a real aristocrat. She spends most of time playing in the garden or joining her owners on strolls.



                      Mal 3 měsíce    Mal 3 měsíce 3    Mal 3 měsíce 2

Mal - The tiniest Mia also became more fearless to leave the garden and enjoys her walks. She is lively and according to her owner when she starts to fool around she does not know when to finish. It is obvious that not too much have changed so far. Except for her eating habits, she is becoming a better eater hopefully.




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