1st August 2019 - Berroo is almost 14 weeks and we have just started her preparation for a competition career.

The beginnings are a bit clumsy, a leash does not linger on her neck but goes to her little mouth. To walk by my side ... "are you sure mistress... I need to jump and fool around but do not let me stand and show myself, this is too much for me!" The only thing that does not make her troubles is to lie into an exhibition cage and just to be lying. Anyway we have enough time to revise and I am sure that Berroo will master everything perfectly as her parents did. Talking about parents, Valentina is also ready for a show season and she looks stunning just three months after the birth. Motherhood did her good!


Berroo 14 týden    Berroo 14 týden 2                                     Valentina 3 měsíce po porodu

                          ... Berroo and her exhibition beginnings                                                                          ... mother Valentina 3 months after birth



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