22nd May 2019 - There are still two vacant dogs


If you are interested to have one, do not hesitate to contact me!

New masters are searched by  "Bastík" - Alabaster Staue Baya Nobles, a very kind and contact doggie with a beautiful head and strong body structure. He was born as the first one and with the biggest birth weight. He creates conditions for an exhibition career. In his three weeks he is able to stand firmly on his four legs and crosses eassily his bed.


The other boy "Mirďa" - Aquamarine Lagoon Baya Nobles is looking for the most awesome masters. He is a very sensible and caressing doggie that has been since his birth "the individualist". He was born as the fifth puppy and with the smallest birth weight. He is still the smallest from all the boys, but gains his weight perfectly. He will be a great fellow for sport activites. He also stands on his four legs and actively runs around the bed.

More information in the section "Puppies"


Something funny: This is what it looks like, when you have puppies at home!


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