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The older I get more I realize how time flies quickly. I still remember the day when I brought each of my female dogs home and it feels like it was yesterday. No way! The youngest one is already 18 months.

I would like to stop time. The picture can do it!

Thanks to my whippets I was able to meet plenty of amazing people. Many of them became my friends and one of them is a fantastic photorgapher Dara Kuźmic, who I asked to photograph my dogs. These pictures will always remind me of them!  Even in times when they are not there anymore. In Dara´s words: " ... a picture is like a gem, everybody wants posses one ... " And now I own  my dog gems too. 

Taking pictures in a studio was a huge experience. Especially pictures taken together was a superhuman act. To make the girls watch the direction we wanted, to have their ears straight and some expression on their faces was a huge job to the photographer. And of course I didn´t want to spoil the pictures myself neihter. Dara is a real profesional, judge yourself ...


"... a picture is like a gem, everybody wants to posses one ..."


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