The weekend of 20th & 21st of October 2018 I dedicated to self-education in the sphere of genetics. I took part in a two day seminar that focused on population genetics and breeding domestic animals, particularly dogs.

The lecturers were academic workers from Animal Science Research Institute. Namely Mrs. A. Svitáková, M.Bráková, Z.Veselá who are long-time dog and small animal breeders. I can not either omit the senior lecturer Mr. L.Vostrý from the Department of Genetics and Breeding from The Czech University of Agriculture in Prague.

They revealed us the rules of genetics, variability and mutations. They explained the basic principles of classical genetics - Mendel laws and how to put them in our breeging practice. There was a very interesting lecture delivered and the main topic was" The Essence of DNA Tests". We learned a complete procedure from taking DNA samples to final results. The most helpful part of the lecture for me was the lecture dealing with "The genetics of dogs hair color". We were shown on concrete genetic interactions the essence of dogs hair color genetics.

I would like to apply the gained knowledge in my proper breeding. Mainly in the sphere of preventing genetic illnesses and strongly discussed inbreeding. Generaly siad, it was a high level seminar and it deepended my existing knowledge.



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