Spesiálka Konopiště4 2018


The first autumn Saturday 22nd September 2018 Sighthound Speciality Show took place in Konopiště. We were familiar with this place and met a high number of hounds, this is the kind of events we can not miss with my girls! The weather was not summery at all. The sun was trying to warm us up a bit, but the cold autumn wind was bothering us all.

The show happened with the participation of foreign judges. Whippets were judged by Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk from Poland, who is a breed expert (kennel Synergy). His judgment was one of the most precise, I would say. He accurately examined every dog on the table, on the floor and in the movement.  He took his time to evaluate the movement of a particular dog member, from all sides and angles. He commented his evaluation and the owner got a feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of his dog. Both of me whippet girls received the mark "Excelent" and Valentina got the title CAJC (Certificat d´Aptitude au Junior Championat) and then she won the duel with another young male dog and became the winner of the BOJ title (Best of Junior Speciality Show). Thanks to this title Valentina reached the last third in the contest of Junior Beauty CZ Champion.


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Speciálka Konopiště5   Recapitulation:

judge: Tomasz Kuszyk (kennel Synergy) PL


KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel  2,5 years old

      -open class, Ecx.4 /4

MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel  15 months old

 -junior class, Exc.1 /1, CAJC, BOJ Sighthound Speciality Show


results: here





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