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At the end of summer traditionally organized a two day club show of The Breeding Club of English Racing Hounds, took place at Slapy dam (CZ), in the campsite called Nová Živohošť.  As usual a lot of lovers of these beautiful dogs gathered.  Every day there were more than 80 dog members registered. The competition was huge, so I definitely appreciated, that my whippet girls were placed. The first place, as seen i the picture, unfortunately was not ours, but the rest of places belonged to us.

The show was honored by the judges Mr. Dr.Göran Bodegård and Mrs. Nenne Runsten (kennel Airescot) both from Sweden. It was a great privilege for me to meet this lady personally. She is an excellent breed specialist. I´m very happy she liked my whippet females.

Both shows were perfectly organized. Big thanks to the organizers and writers. Finally we got readable assessments!   We obtained a surprise on Saturday. The show was opened with a dressage show of Kladruber horses accompanied by music and riders. It was a wonderful spectacle. The horses and sighthounds have always matched together.



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Saturday 15th September 2018 *** The Club Show with "Club Winner" granting ***

The first day of the show, which was granting the price "Club Winner" eighty-eight dog members were registered.  Eleven greyhounds and seventy-seven whippets. The competition among whippets was judged by a very kind Mrs. Nenne Runsten (kennel Airescot) from Sweden. She is a sweet older lady with a long time experience with whippet breeding. A lot of her dog offspring can be found today in pedigrees of successful European and World champions. As usual, both of my whippets reached the succes in the open and junior class. Great judge´s evaluations and the second and the third place delighted me. The icing on the cake was the assessment of our young Valentina with the result "stud bitch" with a standard height 46,5 cm.


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Sunday 16th September  *** The Club Show ***

The second day of the show was successful as well. The blue sky and warm sun welcomed eighty-three dog members, twelve greyhounds and seventy-one whippets. That day the main judge became Mr.  Dr. Göran Bodegård. When seeing the first results, it was visible, that the judge had "a different kind of taste". Generally the judge considered "good nutritional condition" of certain dog members. When judging males, he put strong and big ones to the front. Concerning the females it was not this way. I was disappointed because my young Valentina god assessment "very good" as she was moving with her ears all the time. The assessment of Karlyn turned out better. She received the mark "excellent" and gained the fourth place.



 There are our results:

Saturday 15.9.18  judge: Nenne Runsten /SE

MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel, junior class Exc.2 /5

KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel, open class Exc.3 /9


Sunday 16.9.18  judge: Dr. Göran Bodegård /SE

MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel, junior class VG /5

KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel, open class Exc.4 /8


overall results: here



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