Zámek Konopiště

Konopiště Castle has always been connected to dog breeding (cynology). It is situates to the middle of a game reserve full of trees and hunting and all these attracted our ancestors to organize hunts. The presence of as hunting dogs was a completely common thing. This tradition has survived until nowadays and that is why Konopiště Castle, precisely Nová Myslivna Restaurant, is the place where many cynological shows and events take place.

This weekend 18th-19th August 2018 The Club of Hound Breeders from Prague organized two shows:

FCI Central European Sighthound Show and Sighthound Club Show

photo: catalog CESS


Saturday 18th August  - *** FCI Central European Sighthound Show ***

The Central European Sighthound Show took place on Saturday and was hosting foreign judges. In my opinion the organizing Prague Club made a weak publicity which caused a low whippets attendance and this is not a common thing. My whippet girls were going fine. They received very nice rewards and assessments from the Slovenian judge Andrej Novak for the most demanding open and junior classes. The judge was kind and she behaved very sweetly and professionally towards dogs and their masters.


Karlyn Konopiště       Valentina Konopiště


Sunday 19th August - *** Sighthound Club Show KCHCH Praha ***

This event was a real disaster. I was already warned that taking place in this event does not make sense. Anyway as I made the long journey to participate in Saturday show, I made use of this opportunity and took part in the Sunday show as well. The judge was Mrs. Michaela Pavlasková from Slovakia. In my opinion she no clue about beauty and elegance of a show whippet. And I won´t even mention the "blood-related issue" ruling this show. And what does it imply? My whippet girls that are more English looking with their long loins did not have any change to succeed as the preference of the judge were skinny short whippets. I arrived at a conclusion that beauty shows are based on a subjective opinion of a judge. I can 100% confirm that what is preferred by one judge can be rejected by the other. It brings me to a question: "Why do we have a breed standard if everyone interprets it in a different way?!" Anyway I do not attend the shows just to gain and be on an ego trip, I also want to enjoy it and meet my good old friends and those who suffer from the same underestimation as me and my doggies.


Baya Nobles girls   Recapitulation:


 -open class, Exc.2 /4, Res.CAC na FCI CESS, judge: Andreja Novak /SLO          -open class, Exc.3 /4 na KV KCHCH Praha, judge: Michaela Pavlásková /SR



 -junior class, Exc.2 /5 na FCI CESS, judge: Andreja Novak /SLO                         -junior class, Exc.4 /6 na KV KCHCH Praha, judge: Michaela Pavlásková /SR


overall results: here




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