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Yearly organized two-day club show "Beauty and Performance" was accompanied by the sunny weather and a friendly atmosphere this year. This time we only took part on Saturday exhibitions, but Sunday´s coursing was also included. During the Saturday Valentine also celebrated her first Birthday. 

Both of my whippets have entered the most occupied classes, one in the junior class and the other one in the open class. They haven´t ended up so badly in such a great competition though.  The invitation for the contest was accepted by Mr. judge Kurt Summer from Austria. I don´t have a good feeling about his judging at all, just because all his opinions were almost everytime the same.


KV Kolesa 2018 Valentina1


Club Show "Beauty and Performance" Kolesa 16.6.2018

judge: Kurt Summer /AT                 results: here


MY CRAZY VALENTINE Toomie Trishel, junior class EXC.4 /7

KARLYN LA GRANGE Toomie Trishel, open class EXC. /9



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